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Selene Beach Hotel & Spa

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Selene Beach & SPA Hotel

Adults Only +16

A modern culinary tour to

the best of Alanya’s flavours

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Selene restaurants offer a signature cuisine with a strong essence of our much admired Mediterranean cuisine.

Delicious combinations of culinary delights at a fancy main restaurant

Main Restaurant

Selene Beach & Spa Hotel is located in a magnificent location between the skirts of the Taurus Mountains and the sparkling Mediterranean, You have many advantages in Alanya, such as 8 months of sun, immediate reward for whatever you plant in the soil, various products from the mountains and natural life, plants, and fresh products from the sea.
We offer seasonal and local products with modern interpretations to our guests in the main restaurant.

The place where Alanya’s gastronomic experience is better served.

Taste the highlights of islander gastronomy all day long

Vip Lounge


Whisper to us about your feelings, and we will prepare what you need now.
Selene Beach & SPA Hotel kitchen is lucid, light, and dynamic. Our mission is to create meals that involve all our senses – restores, challenges, and enriches. With our policy, we moved our menu from plans to nature and to the table at the VIP LOUNGE.

Snacks, carpaccio, salads, fresh fish… healthy for your body, or healthy for your spirit? You pick up your menu and take it by the pool. It inspires you a siesta. Sunset comes to warn you: another truly promising menu is soon to come. Time to make the honors to the chef and his perfectly blended Mediterranean dishes.

The best views

Snack Bar

Drop by the Snack Bar in Selene Beach & SPA Hotel and step into another world. Conversation flows over sparkling glasses and candlelit tables. Behind the bar, bartenders conjure up new concoctions and time-honoured classic cocktails. From day to night, the Snack Bar is infused with a relaxed, inviting energy.

Experience the finest of Alanya’s culinary scene at our restaurant, where traditional Mediterranean flavors are reinvented with a modern twist. Indulge in a sensory journey like no other, as each dish pays tribute to local specialties, creating a dining experience that is truly extraordinary.

Lobby Bar


Situated in the heart of the Selene Beach & SPA Hotel, Lobby Bar is a universe of cocktails and flavors. Wonderful drinks in a cool setting brimming with a quirky take on Mediterrian style, every cocktail lover should visit. There’s a lot of love in everything our bartenders do. Love of service, love of professionalism, of style, of invention, of hospitality, of tradition, of fun.


Every moment spent in our Patisserie must be a perfect harmony between the pleasure of the eyes and the senses awakening. For an occasion or for pleasure, let yourself be seduced by our assertive style.